Lianne Norry

“I am laser focused on the customer: using research, data and market trends, alongside my creativity, to unlock value and deliver transformational outcomes for my clients”

Lianne is a global marketer with c-suite experience across customer, brand, digital and partnerships. She draws on her background of disruption in big business to make bold and brave decisions that create differentiation, innovation and growth in Private Equity, portfolio companies and start-ups.


Lianne’s early career was predominantly in telecoms. She worked internationally, creating and transforming brands in the disruptive space and driving adoption of major leaps in mobile technology.

She then pivoted into consultancy and as a fractional CMO Lianne works with businesses to create a growth engine through performance marketing. She draws on her experience in telecoms, tech, financial services, green energy and retail to identify unique opportunities for a business to reposition and grow market share. She has designed bespoke Growth Strategy and Go To Market processes which have had demonstrable impact in the businesses in which she’s worked.


Business Growth Strategy: Lianne has developed a proven 10 Step Growth Strategy. This starts with diagnosis, looking at market size, customer research, market orientation, previous performance and moves through to setting a strategy that truly differentiates a brand and achieves long term profitable growth.

Proposition Definition: Identifying customer needs and ensuring the proposition, be it a service, subscription or product, meets those needs. This includes defining the customer, undertaking extensive research, competitor benchmarking and identifying key opportunities for growth.

Brand Positioning & Strategy: Working with businesses to challenge and create defendable, brave and stand out territories.

Marketing Excellence: Working across the marketing function, agencies and partnerships to define an infrastructure for success. Establishing best practice through automation, digitisation and creativity for a go to market strategy that drives the growth of the business.

Creative Excellence: Lianne finds that killer insight and uses it to do brilliant creative work to show the customer exactly why this is a stand out business. This is the key to competitive advantage and she goes the extra mile to understand the customer and reflect their needs in the brand.


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