Jyoti Patel

“I orchestrate data-driven, ROI-focused marketing strategies that drive market penetration, revenue growth, and brand prominence in competitive landscapes”

Jyoti is an exited entrepreneur, a seasoned management consultant, and a senior board level advisor with substantial experience creating, scaling, and exiting companies.


Jyoti is an award winning, successful exited entrepreneur, venture scale-up expert and business advisor with strong B2B and DTC expertise. She adds substantial value by seamlessly integrating strategic vision with tactical execution.

Jyoti is a strong commercial marketer, aligning marketing strategy with financial targets and business objectives, having worked with PE and VC backed portfolio companies as well as globally recognised multi-million-pound brands across Fintech, Enterprise, Sustainability and Retail sectors.

She brings a dynamic blend of creativity, analytical acumen, and leadership to steer companies towards sustained success in ever-evolving markets.


Commercial Model: Jyoti focuses on maximising ROI through meticulous analysis of core marketing metrics (CLTV, CAC, CPL), and devising forecast models and budgeting plans to meet these targets and prioritise strategies to optimise conversion rates, enhance customer retention, and drive revenue growth, always prioritising sustainable and measurable results.

Data-Driven Digital Marketing Strategy: Jyoti specialises in devising data-driven digital marketing strategies, emphasising comprehensive market research and targeted buyer persona creation. Implementing cross-channel engagement, lead nurturing, and continual optimisation through rigorous testing to ensure impactful campaigns. Visualisations and customized dashboards facilitate real-time monitoring of key performance indicators, while A/B testing refines website and campaign elements based on user behaviour, fostering a holistic view of the customer journey.

Content Marketing Excellence: Jyoti leads strategic content creation through meticulous keyword research and audience insights. Engaging content is developed with a focus on user behaviour and trending topics, ensuring alignment with the buyer’s journey, and fostering audience engagement.

Brand Development and Positioning: Jyoti drives comprehensive brand audits and workshops to define core values and differentiators. Competitive analysis informs a unique value proposition, while strategic brand positioning ensures consistent and resonant messaging across all touchpoints.

Investment Readiness: Jyoti has extensive experience working with investors and helps prepare businesses through exploring funding options, auditing financial models, risk assessments, pitch deck preparation and creating compelling business cases. Her expertise lies in presenting businesses as attractive opportunities to investors and providing insight into the funding and investment landscape and matching businesses with suitable investors.


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